Chef's Choice Menu
Mixed baby greens, roasted beets and orange supremes dressed with thyme and roasted shallot vinaigrette
Mixed baby greens, grilled mushrooms, roasted corn and fire roasted red peppers with tomato shallot vinaigrette
Mixed baby greens, grapefruit supremes, toasted leeks and
Manchengo with rosemary walnut vinaigrette
Grilled asparagus and shaved romano with parmesan vinaigrette
Young romaine, shaved apples, walnuts and croutons with cheddar vinaigrette
Young red romaine, pulled roasted duck, shaved fennel and roasted beets with balsamic and honey vinaigrette
Young greens, fresh herbs and croutons with Meyer lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and cracked black pepper

New England seafood chowder garnished with potato shreds and an oyster cracker with parsley mayonnaise
Clam chowder with an oyster cracker spread with a cheddar and parsley cream
Butternut squash and apple soup with a rosemary and cider donut
Corn chowder finished with bacon, tomato and cheddar croque monsieur
Tomato and basil bisque with corn and tomato salad
Potato leek soup with a bacon baton
A duet of potato leek and Maytag cheese soups with smoked duck and fig compote

Free form lasagna noodles, roasted duck and fontina cream with port demi-glace
Free form lasagna noodles, grilled portabello mushrooms and fontina cream with port/mushroom reduction
Greens, seared duck, apple confit and Cotswald cheese with blackberry vinaigrette
lled squab and apple slaw with balsamic glaze.
Corn soufflé with tomato relish and shredded potatoes
Smoked seafood with apple slaw, corn salad and bacon relish

Maple glazed salmon
Orzo with butter and parsley
Tomato, onion and corn sauté
Frisee garnish

Apple smoked bacon wrapped scallops
Maple thyme risotto
Butternut squash sauté

Seared five-spice rubbed tuna with fennel apple and carrot slaw
Soba noodles
Chinese long beans
Fried ginger shred garnish

Seared halibut over creamy white beans
Grilled asparagus
Leek, shallot and onion reduction
Shredded toasted carrot garnish

Statler breast of chicken filled with sage, apple and prosciutto
Pommes Anna
Squash, parsnip and parsley sauté

Staler breast of chicken rubbed with a roasted garlic and shallot puree
Corn cake
Tomato and basil sauté

Chicken roulade with apple, sausage and pecans with apple cider reduction
Roasted root vegetables with cranberry and ginger
Carrot and fennel slaw

Seared boneless breast of chicken with port reduction
Carrot sauté
Savory thyme and apple bread pudding

Rack of lamb with thyme, mustard and cider glaze
Wild and white rice with cranberries, pecans and parsley
Carrot and ginger sauté

Saddle of lamb with Port apple reduction
Pommes Anna
Winter squash with bacon, ginger and chive crème

Tenderloin of beef wrapped with pancetta and finished with sun-dried tomato butter
Grilled asparagus bundles
Roasted root vegetables with cranberries and shallots

Tenderloin of beef with five-spice glaze
Chinese long bean sauté in ginger and shallot
White rice with cilantro, lime and lemon

Tenderloin of beef with candied pearl onions and champagne glaze
Boursin risotto
Asparagus tips

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